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Self-care isn't SELFISH!

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

We get it, life is extremely busy and who has time to sit down and do omms and umms?? Guess what though, did you know that taking a few minutes for a quick pause has a lot of benefits? How about: Reducing stress, reducing anxiety, improved focus, lowers blood pressure, and can even control pain! The best part can do it ANYWHERE! to read more about click here

Meditation guides are everywhere online but my personal favorite is the printable (FREE!) one from bloom daily planners ! click here

What I do: All it takes is finding a quiet spot if you can, close your eyes and start with some deep breaths. Inhale through the nose for 5 seconds and hold then exhale through your pursed lips slowly as you drop your shoulder and clear your mind. Do this 10 times and I guarantee you will feel a little more in control of your emotions as you increase your self-awareness.

I find that it works best early in the morning when everyone is still asleep... if you like to have some music on that works too! Just search for "zen or meditation music" on whatever music platform you may have :) I always my spotify on!

Tell me how you self-care! Get featured and win some prizes!

How do you self-care? I want hear you ideas! send them to entitled: "how I self-care" and get a chance to be featured in our monthly #WAYSTOSELFCARE post!

Little note for adults though please keep your entries "Family-friendly" we appreciate your effort ;)

I will be posting more about ways on how to self-care and if you have any ideas please send them our way at and be featured! or follow Instagram page @selfcaremobileclinic and DM us there to be featured in our stories!

Featured monthly winners get SWAG BAGS and SPECIAL IV DISCOUNTS (if you are in Las Vegas AREA) entry deadline will be every last FRIDAY of the month! More info to follow

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