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Introduction to the world of infusion :)

I get it. I have been there even as a seasoned nurse mind you! what the heck is a hangover infusion?! couple of years ago, a person who gets drunk and goes to the ER frequently would give you better answers.

Infusion is basically a bag of fluids given to your veins as a nurse or medically trained professional inserts an IV catheter to your blood vessel then delivers fluids that has electrolytes that replenishes what you have lost as your body does eventually gets depleted from this when you get dehydrated when you sweat/pee/vomit.

That bag of fluids can have different kinds of vitamins that can help you perform better. B vitamins for example are good energy converters that provide you with stamina and certain vitamin can help build red blood cells. Certain vitamin are good for mental health function, grows you beautiful hair, skin, nail, better eyesight, better digestion, and even boost your immune system. YAY B VITAMINS!

Some people might say... Well I take my vitamins anyway so I don't need that! Actually, you only take a portion of what INGEST! which means you poop the rest out... with IV, you ABSORB the vitamins 100% so you feel good right away.

I have been poking people more than 10 years ago ever since I was a baby nurse but I did not really get into the world of injecting "vitamins" into your bloodstream to get you just generally better or healthier until recently and I realized this is actually what the world needs so we can have less sick people! or at least less ER visits!

I was introduced to the world of providing fluids and treating minor aches and pains in the comfort of your own home in 2019 and I just fell in love with. People immediately felt better and you see it in their faces that they do really look better.

I have seen dehydration, nausea, headache/migraine, cold/flu and muscle pain. It wasn't really just hangover! Plus it was the fact that you get to give them that one-on-one care you don't really get to give your patients when you're juggling so many things at once when you're in a hospital or in a busier setting.

What other benefits does infusion give? they boost your energy too! I remember I had a client who needed something to get him through the work week and he got the "energize" combo and he said he felt like a 20 year old again! another client (a fellow nurse) swears by the same IV combo immediately feels like she can take on another 12 hour shift after 1 infusion.

It does have amazing benefits as it is 100% absorbed to the bloodstream :) Have a look through the menu and see what fits your lifestyle and message us or give us a call! we'd be happy to help! :) Have a wonderful day!

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